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Value Chain 
where the benefits  emerge

Trust Coupling:

Happens when both sides of the transaction
believe in the accuracy of the ACG Auto Adjudication

The direct result is that peer to peer reviews disappear as they are wanted neither by the doctor nor the insurance company.


The other critically valuable result, because of the ACG algorithm, both parties will realize the conclusive transaction

delivered by ACG means

patient treatment scheduling can commence

During implementation of the ACG program,

“pilot applications” will focus on demonstrating to the payor that their own rules sets are applied better than they themselves can…

even to the point:

where the internal rule sets are cleaned up, streamlined,  

and de-conflicted.

Other Notes:

This advanced


technology navigates the chaos of healthcare in many ways. It spans from point-of-care automated adjudication, thereby eliminating prior authorization issues and delays, as well as both complex inpatient and outpatient documentation and decision making,



Essentially, the patented system grows in step with the wealth of treatment pathways in Healthcare. No longer will IT systems inhibit growth. ACG makes intelligent scalable growth a reality.

A Chaos Cure:


Shining a Light on
Care Navigation
"Processes" that should be Transparent...

Logically DERIVED

The Acg

Cognitive Knowledge 

may be Biased

(towards current Medical Evidence)

But at least it is not Noise

Noise & Marketing Pollution is Endemic:
the Cacophony of
Medical Marketing 

is drowning out Reason


ACG Holmes is a

Intelligent System Rules Logic Engine.

The machine was Originally built as software

as a medical device for 

diagnostic & treatment pathways

a Decade Later...

The engine has been repurposed for

Medicare Medical Necessity Rules 

and now is being used to  Detoxify and eliminate the bureaucracy of Coding &

Clinical Documentation for Prior Authorization.

We have not had a "peer to peer" review ourselves (in the past 6 years)
(-while working on the Rest of Medicine)

Developed Capacity

There is also an automated ability to track disease, injuries, toxicology,

and utilization, in real time, anywhere in the world, in 100 languages.

In summary, ACG navigates a patient’s healthcare journey toward

zero-defect encounters using medical intelligence at the point of care


restores the importance of the patient-provider relationship.

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