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When your data fields are over 98% complete on all Subjects...


Functional Logic Reaches:

Cognitive Communication

Begins !

Where The Data Structure Can

Query The User!

Algorithmic Two-Way

Communication the Speed of Conversation.

ACG now has a complete

Medical Digital Library

with over 10,000

Knowledge Modules

Units covering nearly

Everything in Medicine.

Over 7,000 Web Pages 

with 750,000 files "Live"

Critical Mass

Stealth Mode

ACG has been working quietly for the last decade.

We have been building a massive medical knowledge base.

The Holmes Machine speed and appetite,

has kept the equivalent of a ghost army of 3,500 employees

working steadily for the last 5 years.


Holmes produces a web-based knowledge module containing questions specific to the procedure being requested.

This provides the healthcare professional automatic, customized feedback both during and after completion of our branching dynamic questionnaire.



The ACG integration and the HOLMES Knowledge Base platform is the

Cognitive Intelligent GPS to Navigate

the Chaos of Healthcare!!

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