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Human Observation Logic Model & Education System

Why has it taken nearly 700 years for Llull's logic and knowledge organization to come to medicine in the Form of H.O.L.M.E.S.?

First of all, ACG's team had to invent the knowledge mapping technology and associated logic platform.

Previously, systems on a chip were not powerful enough
and web runtimes were not efficient enough.

Medical libraries previously were not fully electronic and
the W
eb was still in its infancy as a static host (and mostly still is)
verses the current Interactive Intelligence System.

Simplify the Complex

Real Cognitive Intelligence to Navigate the
Chaos of Healthcare

H.O.L.M.E.S. comprehensive knowledge-based algorithms & logic engine generate clean clinical documentation that mirrors claims data in an ICD-10 based CDC data model.

H.O.L.M.E.S. provides the right information

(and the right questions)

for the right care everywhere

in 100 different languages via massive computer-generated clinical decision trees with real-time error checking, diagnostic, and treatment logic.

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