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PBMs and the new ACG solution sets:

As we all know:

 Healthcare lacks any intelligent automated systems that run in real-time.

There is no currently running process for all stakeholders to engage in a “rational” economic system.

Nationally, PBMs are ubiquitous, administering the drug benefits for around 270 million people… virtually everyone with a prescription drug benefit.

a Big Part of the problem is Scale

In 2023,
4.83 billion
retail prescriptions will be filled in US alone.

How does ACG benefit PBM’s and what does the workflow look like?

Start with the elimination of prior authorization
and the bureaucratic nightmare that it is.
The ACG Solution: Point of Care auto-adjudication of Prior Auth
through a unique patented technology.

ACG has already indexed and automated all the simple and complex formularies on 90% of US drugs that are on the market now.

Here is how a Clinician would use ACG for a cancer patient:

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