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“Toxic Presence”

Future Shock is the source of the problem,

Information Overload the stress factor,

and the Critical Failure:

the inability to adjust to a Changing Reality.

The Cause: Legacy Investments & Broken Systems

failing both intellectually and fiscally.

"The Symptoms:"

...are found in Bureaucratic Paralysis,

Profit Entitlements,

and Institutionalized Medicine that has lost its way...

and No Longer

Centered on the Patient.

Everything is Fine...





Filling this out is like 2 hours of back office time: Total WASTE ~ Manual 1960's ~ STILL being used

50 years OLD

This Thing is Paper and Manual & SICK

The "New Software" Myth

The problem stems from the fact that the bulk of today’s healthcare software

 was built on 50 year old computer architecture

Run by technical monopolies,

The current insanity was given birth in the 1980s

when a congressional $35 billion program

 flooded medicine with the good intentions...

replacing all paper medical records

with digital ones…

 But unfortunately...

None of the systems were ready for Prime Time

but they immediately morphed into a

billing platform instead of

a clinical communication system

“Large Interactive Websites hide

Very Old systems & Technology”

The current Healthcare Information Systems has all the new 

fancy marketing interfaces
that looks pretty and include

great wordsmithing… 
but the data structure underneath that beautiful “skin” 

was designed and built 

25 and 50 years ago – without exception.


They cannot, and will not, keep up,

or Scale in near Real Time. 

With Clinicians still waiting for

a Wave of innovation... 

that still has Not Arrived.

“The Ugly Patch”

Much of the IT industry employs hundreds of thousands
of digital sweatshop workers

around the globe,
keeping these old data systems running (barely).

Updating only every 12 to 18 Months


a multigenerational acquiescence to Status Quo

Where corporate & Government 

bureaucracy stifles healthcare innovation by mandating

use of 50 year old technology.
Clinicians have been turned into data entry clerks

at the expense of their patients

“The Tragedy”


While the medicine and tools gets "Better",

Doctors are quitting… Healthcare is Deteriorating,

 …and the

Economics and working conditions for Caregivers

are  Failing 

“The Situation”

National Healthcare Expenditure

for 2021 was

$4.3 trillion
Payments, Receipts, and Billing…

all need



Needs a

Rational Economic System

How many Billions

of transactions do not contribute directly to Patient Care ?

(every year)

Lost Time is Forever

Utilization Management using Prior Authorization

constitutes a large portion of services performed by payers

as a third-party administrator (TPA) for self-funded plans.

For the burden on clinicians, this was best documented in Health Affairs in 2021 that put the number at

$26.7 billion in Time

that physicians spent navigating utilization management

Just for drug utilization. (for One Year !)


How much of that captured data

 is useful for bolstering

Medical Evidence?

(Don’t ask US about baby aspirin)

(the other continuing 1980's PDFs, Fax's, and EMR Noise represents a Tragedy in medicine)

We are not a new software company.

We are not even a new "AI" Company'.

We are a new generation

computer language
and a completely new

computer architecture...

ACG is:
an Advanced Intelligence 

is the only "Preventative"
on the market
for this

Bureaucratic Pandemic

We have already built our
inventory and our patents

Contact Us 

…for a way Out 


the NEW A.I. ~ what's not to like ?

the NEW A.I. ~ what's not to xxxxx market?

Large language models have no concept of “truth”—they just know how to best complete a sentence in a way that’s statistically probable

based on their inputs and training sets

(So they can make things up),

and then restate them with Extreme Confidence...

Plus... Medicine needs a 2-way Conversation !

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