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Real Questions


  • Electronic Medical Records: “To ONC, all CIOs and all CMIOs - Many Clinicians think your baby is ugly”

  1. Why are we still using data structures that are the same age of the FAX machine?

  2. Why can you not update your systems architecture in 1 business day if needed?

  3. Why is anyone other than a clinician designing the front end of any EMR?

  4. Why has HL7 and EMRs never been validated as a medical device?

  5. Why are you not using tech that can be read by a machine, a doctor, or the FDA alike?

  6. Why are you not embracing intelligence systems that can structure all medical information?

  7. Why do you discuss interoperability when some systems are the largest users of eFax?

  8. Why do we call e-prescribing electronic when it is just an electronic FAX?

  9. Why do many systems delegate physicians and nurses to a job of a data entry clerk?

  10. Why do some executives not want the doctor inputting data – is the system that poorly designed?

  11. Why do some executives not want the doctor inputting data - how is it going to get there - osmosis?

  12. Why do some executives think that all clinical is information is already in the EMR – or even can be?

  13. How is EMR innovation going to occur if we keep doing the same thing over and over with 50-year-old technology and expect different results?

  14. Why do some people continue to discuss interoperability as payer data or patient demographics and not in terms of real-time clinical communication centered on the patient?

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