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Our technology spans the Healthcare Value Chain. Bringing automated decision support, and complete information access, to mission critical, high value Healthcare processes. Healthcare is a data-intensive and complex industry.

Our system organizes all phases of Healthcare data into structured cognitive logic. We provide decision support at near quantum speeds. This accelerates Healthcare to levels of maximum efficiency, with a material reduction in costs and delivery of zero-defect decision support.


The result --> Introducing, the end-to-end Cognitive Healthcare Intelligence Resource and Decision Support system.

Our system supports 130+ languages.

We organize the data, at its source, with digital links to all relevant metadata. This results in high precision diagnosis and treatment.

Our automation of around 70,000 Clinical Diagnostics/ICD10 codes is digitally connected to all downstream decision points, spanning Treatment, Medical Necessity, Pharma, Lab Testing, through to Prior Authorization and Payment.


  • Material reduction in Employee/Family Healthcare costs 

  • Increased accuracy in the value chain, Diagnosis, Treatment, Outcomes 

  • Significant productivity improvement for employees 

  • Opportunity for medical professionals to see the value of Cognitive Healthcare 

  • Synergizes with advanced technology to improve business processes. (Healthcare touches almost everyone) 

  • ACG simplifies the complex: by adding an easier Tool to the Workflow

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