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Why is?

Prior Auth Chiller.png

Bureaucracy Sinking Healthcare

Why is Prior Authorization sinking
All our "Boats" ?

Start with just Cancer for example:

For patients whose treatment requires prior authorization,

80% of oncologists said prior authorizations have a

somewhat or significant

NEGATIVE impact on patients.

WHY?... It is just policy conversations
not an experimental drug
gone wrong...

First Principle for all Clinicians:

Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions publishes a biannual
research-based report series called Oncology Insights,
which aims to analyze the views of oncologists nationwide
(some observations:)

The responses indicate that the prior authorization process is harming both patients and practices themselves,


Requiring extra manpower to navigate appropriately,

a problem that they believe should be addressed by

new government policies.

Clinicians & Patients don't need new polices...
"They" Need ACG !

ACG = immediate Auto-Ajudication
of Prior Auth at the 
Point of Care

More than 80% of participating oncologists

said they have full-time staff dedicated

to managing

prior authorization

and benefits issues.

Government new policy may not move the needle on Prior Auth after all...
the insurance company's
role is to do utilization management in some form.


From a technical perspective,
ACG’s patented ‘magic’ includes precise
and scalable expansion of
system scope and code.

This is a technical advancement –
and a force multiplier
that continually makes
Healthcare relevant and focused
on best practices


Essentially, the ACG HOLMES 
patented system grows in step with the expanding wealth of treatment
pathways in H

No longer will IT systems inhibit growth. ACG makes intelligent

scalable growth
a Reality.


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